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We specialize in the production of commercial long cut firewood for bagel shops, wood fired pizza joints, outdoor wood boilers as well as commercial bagged firewood and kindling for camping grounds and retail stores. Our recently expanded operation will surely accommodate your needs no matter the circumstances!

We are the National Capital Region’s best source for long cut firewood, bagged firewood and kindling!

Long Cut Firewood

Mix of maple, ash, elm, oak and cherry
Cut between 42-44 inches long and split
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Bagged Firewood

Mix of maple, ash, cherry, elm and oak
Bags are 1 cubic foot
$9 / bag

Bagged Kindling

Mix of maple, ash, cherry, elm and oak
Bags are 1 cubic foot

$10 / bag

Wholesale Firewood

Large quantities of bagged firewood and kindling are available to small or large distributors/suppliers at bulk pricing.
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Proudly serving Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto camping grounds and bagel shops!

We produce premium long cut firewood, bagged wood and kindling for our commercial and residential clients.

We understand that our commercial customers are looking for high quality as well as second to none customer service; which is why we use state of the art equipment to ensure effective productivity and results.

Whether you’re looking for bagged firewood for your camping site, kindling for your retail store or long cut firewood for your bagel shop its safe to say that DG Firewood Inc. and Ken’s Firewood have you covered!

End-to-end Processing

We process all types and sizes of hardwood logs so you're guaranteed good fuel.

Cut & Split into firewood

Each log is broken down into consistently sized long cut firewood or bagged wood.

Dried & Seasoned

We dry our wood outdoors and then store it into big storage containers to limit retained moisture.

Delivered to YOU

We deliver to your campground, your bagel shop or your business!

We are a high volume commercial firewood supplier specializing in long cut firewood, bagged wood and kindling. It’s safe to say that we are dedicated in providing you with the best and reliable customer service no matter the time or place!

Commercial Services

  • Long cut firewood for bagel shops and outdoor wood boilers
  • Bagged firewood for camping sites and retail stores
  • Kindling for camping grounds and retail outlets
  • And much more…

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